Donald Tardy & Trevor Peres of Obituary: The Sound and The Story

What does it take to become a legendary band in the realm of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal? Is it the music? Is it the timing? Is it the band’s location? Is it releasing a debut album that essentially changed the game the instant that needle picked up those vinyl frequencies? 

For Tampa, Florida’s genre defining quintet Obituary, you can say yes to all of the above scenarios.  The was band formed by high school friends in the mid-1980’s and after a few years and member changes, the band, unbeknownst to them were on their way to a multi decade career!   In the late 80’s the band, then known as Xecutioner, had been releasing demos, appearing on compilations, released their first 7” recording and all of these contributions truly set the underground on fire!

Due to their rising profile in the underground quite a few things happened to the band.  First to react was New York’s Roadrunner Records [also known as R/C – Roadracer] who not only signed the band, but set about helping them acquire a new name as not to be confused with an East Coast band also known as Xecutioner. The name they settled on was Obituary and soon after, their debut, ‘Slowly We Rot’ was released in 1989.

Over the last 28 years Obituary, along with Cannibal Corpse (two of the Death Metal scene’s “Big 4”), have been the most consistent churning out some of the heaviest, yet toe tapping-ist, Florida Death Metal the scene has ever heard.  Their latest, simply titled ‘Obituary’ [Relapse], is an amazing testament to their storied past, colorful present and frighteningly potential future! While there have been many member changes over the years, the songwriting core of the band has remained intact and as people it seems as if they’ve never been tighter as friends and musical collaborators.  We’re excited to bring an interview with two of the three core members to you.   

Fret Twelve welcomes Obituary Rhythm Guitarist/Co-Founder Trevor Peres and Drummer/Co-Founder Donald Tardy to ‘The Sound and the Story.’ 

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