Kyle & Kelley Juett, Mothership: The Sound and The Story

“Band of brothers” is an often thrown around term in the realm of Rock N’ Roll, isn’t it? But if you’re a student of the arts, you’ll know that actual brothers have created some of the best music in the rock/metal genre. Examples like Edward and Alex, Angus and Malcolm, Darrell and Vinnie, Duane and Greg, Max and Igor, even a current band like Gojira, the blood responsible for their music is undoubtedly special. Music is a connection and some of the best live bands are the ones that can obliterate an audience any time they truly connect.  Watching Mothership live was like watching a 3-piece wrecking crew highlighted by the almost telepathic attack of brothers Kyle and Kelley Juett who were locked in with Drummer Judge Smith their entire set. What first caught my attention was the guitar playing/stage presence of Kelley, but what kept my interest was the songs. We're not talking shoegaze riff soup, we're talking hooks, catchiness, melodies and of course RIFFS!  When Mothership landed in Chicago on the last day of March in support of their newest album, ‘High Strangeness’ we spoke with the brothers and found out why this is one ‘ship with no landing in sight.

Fret Twelve welcomes Guitarist Kelley and Bassist/Vocalist Kyle Juett to ‘The Sound and the Story.’

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