Mike Spreitzer of DevilDriver

A lot of musicians will often compare being in a band to that of a marriage…to four or five people at once! Depending on the personalities in the band it can, at times be a difficult, often strained relationship.  Especially if one of the members came from, say a high profile “marriage,” there could be a special set of circumstances most of us will never know about. Now imagine the relationship is going on its 15th year! Santa Barbara, California’s DevilDriver can fit into the above scenario as they find themselves on the road entrenched in support of their seventh album, ‘Trust No One’ (Napalm) which was released after a three year break.  The band has never sounded hungrier, making up for lost time with some of the catchiest and most infectious material they’ve ever unleashed.  ‘Trust No One’ is more than just another chapter in the DevilDriver saga, it’s the artist satisfying their following and picking up those willing to ride shotgun on the path unknown.     

Fret Twelve welcomes DevilDriver Guitarist/Songwriter Mike Spreitzer to ‘The Sound and the Story.’ 


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