Mesa/Boogie 2X12 TransAtlantic Straight Cabinet

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Available in Grey and Black Weave or Black Grille

Looking to expand your tone into new territory? Want to try a 2x12, or maybe an open back cabinet? How about both??

With Mesa Engineering's 2x12 TransAtlantic Cabinet you can get the ease and convenience of a 2x12 with the uniquely wide sound of an open-back cab. Sweet shimmering tones can be achieved with this cabinet when used by itself, or as an extension cabinet to your existing rig! This smooth sounding cabinet features all of the great tone that the Mesa TransAtlantic series has come to be known for and can add all sorts of new depth to your current rig, or to your build in progress.

While designed for use with the TransAtlantic and Royal Atlantic amplifier heads, this small cabinet pairs well with virtually any head on the market thanks to its 8 ohm design. Mesa Engineering takes it one step further by building this small monster out of Baltic Birch wood which gives it an ultra tight response that never gets muddy or sloppy.