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Paul Reed Smith "SE Mark Holcomb" Signature Model PRS in Holcomb Burst Quilt Top [Non-Tremolo Bridge] 2019

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Personalized FRET12 Guitar Supply Treatment:

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  • (1) FRET12 Assorted Sticker Pack
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Unlike anywhere else, this guitar will come hand-signed by Mark Holcomb himself on the electronics backplate (along with a spare, blank backplate), your choice of FRET12 “The Sound & The Story” DVD, FRET12 Sticker Pack, and our 12-pack pick sampler—which will include some of the most popular “industry-favorite” picks so you can try your hand at some new picks that just might be your next go-to playing inspiration! The guitar also comes with its own padded PRS Gig Bag, and will be shipped free to any address in the US.


What is a PRS SE guitar?

“If you have good ingredients, and a good recipe, you end up with a guitar that looks good, feels good, and sounds good.”  PRS has long adhered to the simple idea of using the finest materials in the best way possible, to create the very best guitars; made in Stevensville, MD.  In 1999, Carlos Santana approached PRS about a guitar bearing his name available at a more affordable price point, and with that, the SE concept was born.  PRS turned the guitar world upside down with the introduction of the very first PRS SE (Student Edition)—a new guitar concept that would offer high-end features for thousands of dollars less than the guitars they were based on. With the massive popularity of the SE models, countless other artists have placed their own style upon the SE lineage, with Periphery’s Mark Holcomb being one of the most recent designs.

About the “Mark Holcomb Signature Model PRS”:

Mark Holcomb, (one of three virtuoso guitarists in experimental metal band Periphery) received his very first signature USA Paul Reed Smith guitar in 2015.  This guitar was created as a limited edition machine built to tackle all of the elegant tones of traditional guitar that PRS was known for, but also to venture into the 21st century—a place full of noise gates, overdrives, Axe-FX modeling, and low-beyond-low tunings.  So does it djent?  You bet it does.

The now-discontinued PRS Mark Holcomb Signature Model USA guitar featured a pattern thin neck to accommodate Mark’s lead guitar technique, as well as his atypical chord fingerings that have come to define the Periphery/Haunted Shores sound.  This satin maple neck was also sanded down to give the smoothest possible feeling, and paired well with PRS’ first production run of a satin finish guitar.  Boasting a brand-new paint job called “Holcomb Burst”, over a book-matched quilt top, this stunning satin finish was a first for PRS.  Pair this with blacked-out matte hardware, new textured knobs, and a pair of Mark’s highly-acclaimed Seymour Duncan Alpha/Omega Signature pickups, and you have one truly groundbreaking PRS.  The overwhelming response to this USA model, created the foundation for the SE variant in 2016.

About the “SE Mark Holcomb”

The SE Mark Holcomb features the same looks and same sounds from its more expensive USA counterpart.  According to Mark, this guitar even feels the same!  The neck is groundbreaking for an SE guitar, as it is the first SE to feature a sanded down, ultra-smooth satin maple neck with no clear coat.  This allows for ultra-smooth feel, only further aided by a super-flat 20” fretboard radius, a wide-thin neck carve, and a 25.5” scale length to accommodate low tunings with ease.  This neck is set into the iconic PRS double cutaway body in the exact same satin “Holcomb Burst” quilt-top finish as the USA model, with a fully-adjustable plate-style string-through bridge, which, like all of the guitar’s hardware, is finished in a stunning matte black chrome.  An ebony fingerboard completes the elegant aesthetic, and also boasts the iconic PRS bird inlaid along the frets.  The guitar comes factory set-up by PRS for drop C tuning, and strung with a set of 10-52 strings.

"With my SE signature model, we managed to capture all of the defining characteristics of my Maryland-made guitar and turn it into a streamlined, less-costly package. It is an incredibly special instrument, and one that is now the primary focus of my rig in the studio and onstage." — Mark Holcomb

About the Seymour Duncan Alpha/Omega pickups

As an added bonus, this guitar comes equipped out of the box with Mark Holcomb’s Signature Seymour Duncan Alpha/Omega pickups.  These pickups cost $250 on the street, yet come all wired up in this PRS, giving you unbelievable tone and clarity, no matter how much gain you are running.  No modding necessary!  Voiced to Mark’s tastes, these hum-buckers excel at ultra-tight rhythm tone and huge amounts of clarity so that Mark’s intricately-voiced chords are always heard in all of their sonic detail.  The bridge pickup gives massively aggressive midrange bite and is extremely percussive, while the neck pickup bucks the trend a bit by offering a glassy tone that boosts pick attack and fret hand tone.

The Alpha/Omega set has been the heartbeat of my sound for the past several years. Since we developed and released the first 6-string set in the custom shop, I’ve had the same pickup set in every one of my 6, 7 and 8-string guitars, live and in the studio. It has remained one of the few components of my rig and setup that I haven’t even thought about tweaking.” — Mark Holcomb