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Save with this 2-Pack set of "The Sound and The Story" DVD's featuring Mastodon guitarists Brent Hinds and Bill Kelliher.

Brent Hinds & Bill Kelliher: The Sound and The Story Mastodon 2-Pack (DVDs) includes:


Bill Kelliher is known as the rock-solid foundation of a band known for its constant reinvention and refusal to bow to expectations. Bill's roots in hardcore punk and thrash metal, combined with years of putting passion to work, forged a signature sound that would ultimately become the backbone of the sludgy, psychadelic and progressive riffs that are Mastodon.

In this honest and unflinching feature-length documentary, Bill reveals all that he has sacrificed to achieve his dreams - and what he learned from fifteen years on the road. From the lowest of lows, to international success as one of today's biggest metal bands, it's all here

  • “The Sound” – Bill Kelliher sits down to teach you his favorite Mastodon tunes, warm-ups and other exercises
  • “The Story” – Featuring never-before-seen interviews with bandmates Brann Dailor and Brent Hinds, along with Kevin Sharp of Primate and Brutal Truth
  • 2+ hours of song tutorials, teaching solos, riffs and more
  • 2+ hours of guitar instruction covering guitar technique
  • Live concert footage plus a full rig tour of Bill’s gear
  • Outtakes and blooper reel
  • Downloadable tablature pdf included

    TOTAL RUN TIME: 274 minutes



    Today he’s famous as the creator of some of Mastodon’s most finger curling riffs, with a legendary mind and personality that leaves heads spinning. His untamed creative energy has led him to be a member of at least four bands at once - including Mastodon, Fiend Without A Face, West End Motel, and The Scragglers. When he’s not playing music you can find him in his backyard, carving wooden tikis, and the occasional giant phallus.
    This feature length documentary reveals the steps of Brent’s journey, from cape-wearing kid to legendary wild man of rock status, featuring questionable substances, freight train hopping, and lightless basements. As such viewers are cautioned against trying to mimic Brent’s lifestyle choices. It’s probably wiser to follow the steps of his guitar lessons on the instructional disc, which features over two hours of guitar techniques taught by Brent, in a unique way that only Brent would teach them.
    The Sound – 2 hours of guitar lessons taught by Brent, with the help of some cute kittens, hot lava, and fireworks. Featuring songs from Mastodon, Fiend Without A Face, and West End Motel.
    The Story – Brent tells all and you’ll see all. It’s as close to hanging out and partying with Brent as you’re likely to get.
    Get a backstage tour of his road guitar collection, and hear the outrageous stories of how he acquired them.
    Includes live footage from the Once More ‘Round The Sun tour, the recent past, and the way past. Featuring interviews from Mastodon drummer Brann Dailor, Brent’s friend Max Cooper, a home tour, plus a visit to Brent’s original practice cave.
    Outtakes and blooper reel
    Downloadable tablature pdf included
    TOTAL RUN TIME: 206 minutes


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