Mesa/Boogie 2X12 Rectifier Straight Cabinet

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Mesa/Boogie 2x12 Rectifier® Horizontal Guitar Cabinet (Black Grille)

For under $700 bucks, get the unique sound that only a 2x12 closed back can deliver! Featuring a tighter and more focused sound, Mesa Engineering's 2x12 Recto Cab has come to be one of the most sought-after 2x12 cabinets in the industry! This cab delivers a great amount of midrange, at a different frequency range than other guitar cabs.
Why opt for a 2x12 over a 4x12? Besides cost and tone difference, the convenience factor is huge with this smaller cab. Much smaller and much lighter, the twin Vintage 30s in this cab still deliver the identical tone as four of them would, at less than half the size! This cab fits on stage, fits in the back of cars, and still sounds monstrous; allowing musicians the versatility and power they need for both live and studio use.
Make loading in and out of gigs a breeze all while adding a new flavor to your tone palette! 2 of these cabinets can also be used in concert to create a stereo spread of sound that a normal 4x12 cabinet can not deliver.
Rest assured roadies and musicians alike! Despite this little monster's 60 pound weight, Trac-Lock casters help you move this thing around with ease, as well as are easily removable so you can experience the amp connecting with the stage floor!
The insanely tough Marine-grade Birch construction that Mesa/Boogie cabinets have come to be known for, paired with vinyl covering keep this little cabinet in one piece on the most demanding tours. Comes with a Mesa cabinet slip cover to keep things looking fresh and protected from transport from show to show!