Weekly Riff from The Sound and The Story - Josh Rand - "Gone Sovereign”


Des Moines native and Stone Sour guitarist/songwriter, Josh Rand has taken the art of 80s, shred-inspired lead guitar into the modern age with his unique blend of modal playing and speed picking. 

This week we’re rewinding to 2012 and the first LP of a double concept album by Stone Sour: “The House of Gold & Bones Part 1.” In this video excerpt from “The Sound & The Story,” Josh Rand performs a playthrough and explains his theory and method behind the “Gone Sovereign” guitar solo. This was the first solo Josh tackled when composing the many guitar solos for this double-concept album. He knew that this fast-paced, aggressive song would need a solo that was just as fast-paced and furious as the song itself, so he decided to kick the solo off with a three-note per string pattern, followed by a four-note pattern that gives a nod to one of Josh’s guitar heroes: Paul Gilbert. It’s pretty amazing to think that those Paul Gilbert exercises from decades ago have found ways to manifest themselves in music so many years later.  

So, if you love blazing-quick lead guitar; Josh Rand’s Sound & The Story will be one you won’t want to miss!

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