LESLIE WEST: The Sound and The Story (DVD)

LESLIE WEST: The Sound and The Story (DVD)

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Spend time with one of rock's biggest legends. This all-access video couples guitar lessons and instruction with the inside story of the self-taught guitarist from Mountain, who pioneered heavy metal music. From techniques and influences to writing and performing, Leslie gives a comprehensive look at his playing and the ways he developed one of the most recognized guitar tones of all time. With special guest appearances by Zakk Wylde, Joe Satriani, Mark Tremonti and Corky Laing, you'll see why Leslie has influenced so many great guitarists.

  • Two and a half hours of footage
  • Tablature book
  • The story and breakdown of his biggest hits, including Mississippi Queen
  • 14 exercises covering; Favorite Fretboard Patterns, Getting a Tone, String Stretching, Playing the Blues, Major vs. Minor Contrast, Songwriting Arranging & Melody, Importance of the Riff, Chords and Tension Notes, Soloing, Improvisation and more
  • Guest appearances by Zakk Wylde, Joe Satriani, Mark Tremonti, Corky Laing
  • Live rig and guitar tour
  • In-Depth manufacturing demonstration of the Leslie West Signature Dean Guitar
  • Documentary style inside look at Leslie's story as a guitarist and songwriter
  • Includes live studio performances with vocals
  • Introduction by Elliott Rubinson / CEO Dean Guitars
  • Live concert footage



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