Illustration by artist Oliver Macdonald

Oliver Macdonald On The Intersection Of Art & Music

October 26 2020
Over the first few months of quarantine, artist Oliver Macdonald found a way to connect with others in a meaningful way through what he calls #facetimedrawing. After finding his series of musician portraits online, we had to reach out to interview him about his approach to creating his unique brand of art.
Wyatt Grant Artist feature on green artistic drawings

Wyatt Grant from Pool Holograph on the Intersection Between Art & Music

October 6 2020
Wyatt Grant sheds light on this mystical intersection and dives deep into his journey as an artist and musician. He currently sings and plays guitar in the band Pool Holograph. He’s also a designer and artist and has worked with a plethora of bands and entities that are also tied to the music scene such as, Land and Sea Dept., the Twin Peaks band, Red Bull Music, and many more.