Weekly Riff with Mateus Asato / A FRET12 Pick From the Depths of YouTube


One of the most talked-about guitarists in modern music, Mateus Asato is an acclaimed Brazilian guitarist who has grown to internet superstardom with over 1 million Instagram followers, a soulful and melodic approach to playing, and a true feel for all things musical.

In this #WeeklyRiff, we are highlighting this stunning piece of solo work by none other than melodic guitar god: Mateus Asato. In this piece, he takes a looped backing track with the chords and groove that The 1975 use on their smash hit "Somebody Else", while Mateus solos over the top. Of note is both the moody and ethereal vibe that this track gives to his haunting yet uplifting playing, as he builds his solo in a progressive crescendo that ultimately climaxes with plenty of gain and huge melodic high points. As the track modulates higher in key every few bars, Mateus escalates his playing to match, eventually culminating in a melodic homage to the Adam Hann's actual guitar solo in the original track. Take a look and most importantly a listen at some truly ear-pleasing guitar work, and make sure to pay extra attention to those tasty doublestops at the very end during the credits!

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