Weekly Riff with Mark Tremonti / A FRET12 Records Exclusive

When Mark Tremonti decided to take his solo venture out on the road in 2012, he brought the band to Chicago for a series of dress rehearsals. FRET12 invaded the one and only Groovemaster Studios (the home of multi-platinum record producer Johnny K) to capture these earliest live jams.

We filmed the first FRET12 Records music video for “You Waste Your Time” and also captured the entire album’s worth of tunes, with all audio professionally-tracked by none other than Johnny K! In this Weekly Riff, we’re throwing it back to Mark Tremonti himself, sitting down with his boutique Two Rock rig and Dimebag PRS, to teach every in and out of the guitar solo that helped define his very first single.

Watch Mark break down more of his history-making riffs in our "The Sound and The Story" series. 

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