JACKY VINCENT: The Sound and The Story (DVD)


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JACKY VINCENT: The Sound and The Story (DVD)
JACKY VINCENT: The Sound and The Story (DVD)
JACKY VINCENT: The Sound and The Story (DVD)

Jacky Vincent is the virtuoso lead guitarist for Falling In Reverse and is bringing shred guitar back to modern music! With catchy lyrics blended with pop punk melodies, rap and synth beats, 80s-inspired lead guitar work, and post-hardcore style breakdowns; Falling In Reverse has a sound that is quite simply like no other band today. The band’s music provides an ideal foundation for Jacky Vincent’s unbelievable guitar style, a style that is both outrageous and over the top. FRET12 is here to tell you the story of this young guitar virtuoso in addition to teaching the secrets to his sound like you have never seen before. Guitar player or not, this is a MUST SEE for any fan! We take you behind the scenes and give you all-access to Jacky Vincent, only at FRET12!

  • The Sound - over 3 hours of in-depth guitar lessons and
 exercises ranging from intermediate to advanced
  • The Story - a 45 minute documentary telling Jacky’s story so far
  • Jacky teaches you how to play the hottest songs
 and guitar solos from Falling In Reverse
  • Push your guitar playing with speed building exercises
  • In-depth lessons covering string skipping, legato, tapping,
sweep picking, arpeggios, and much more!
  • Tutorials covering theory and modes
  • Never-before-seen interviews with Ronnie Radke, Derek Jones, Ron Ficarro, Ryan Seaman, Barry Moore, and Jason Constantine
  • Bonus content with outtakes and blooper reel
  • Backstage tour of Jacky Vincent's guitars and touring guitar rig
  • Behind the scenes studio footage in Las Vegas
  • Live performance clips and backstage footage
  • Guitar tablature book included


  • The Drug in Me is You
  • I'm Not A Vampire
  • Good Girls Bad Guys
  • Goodbye Graceful

TOTAL RUN TIME: 3 hours 40 minutes


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JACKY VINCENT: The Sound and The Story (DVD)
JACKY VINCENT: The Sound and The Story (DVD)
JACKY VINCENT: The Sound and The Story (DVD)