Paul Reed Smith

Paul Reed Smith "SE Mark Tremonti" Signature Model PRS Singlecut in Gray / Black [Tremolo Bridge] 2019

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Personalized FRET12 Guitar Supply Treatment:

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  • (1) Mark Tremonti Signed Backplate
  • (1) FRET12 "The Sound and The Story" Guitar Instructional-Documentary of your choice: Simply list your choice in the comments field at checkout. DVD or download available.
  • (1) FRET12 Assorted Sticker Pack
  • (1) Assorted Guitar Pick Sampler 
  • (1) PRS Gig Bag

Unlike anywhere else, this guitar will come hand-signed by the man himself on the electronics backplate (along with a spare, blank backplate), your choice of FRET12 “The Sound & The Story” DVD, FRET12 Sticker Pack, and our 12-pack pick sampler—which will include some of the most popular “industry-favorite” picks so you can try your hand at some new picks that just might be your next go-to playing inspiration! The guitar also comes with its own padded PRS Gig Bag, and will be shipped free to any address in the US.


What is a PRS SE guitar?

“If you have good ingredients, and a good recipe, you end up with a guitar that looks good, feels good, and sounds good.”  PRS has long adhered to this simple idea of using the finest materials in the best way possible, to create the very best guitars; made in Stevensville, MD.  In 1999, Carlos Santana approached PRS about a guitar bearing his name available at a more affordable price point, and with that, the SE family was born.  PRS turned the guitar world upside down with the introduction of the very first PRS SE (Student Edition)—a new guitar concept that would offer high-end features for thousands of dollars less than the guitars they were based on.

About the “Mark Tremonti SE”:

The following year, PRS launched the Tremonti SE, a single-cut set-neck guitar with components, tone, and build quality that had historically only been available on guitars costing over 5 times as much.  The original Tremonti SE was a simple meat and potatoes guitar that boasted a vintage-Gibson style neck paired to a contoured mahogany body with classic four knob layout, stoptail bridge, and came in two finishes: Mirror Black and Platinum.  Best of all, the guitar offered unbelievable build quality, playability, and stability, which meant that this was a guitar that musicians from beginners to professionals could trust and grow with, at a price that wouldn’t break the bank.

As Mark Tremonti’s style, technique, and subsequent music career evolved, so did his guitars.  While Mark was known for a more classic Les Paul-style look and heavy rhythm playing, he eventually requested an updated PRS that could adapt to his expanding lead guitar style.  Now equipped with an up-routed floating trem, a shred-ready wide/thin neck carve, USA Tremonti Signature pickups (custom-wound for extra hot voicing), and a boutique transparent Charcoal stain showing off an exotic flamed maple top, Mark’s new #1- a Tremonti USA Charcoal guitar (fondly known as the “Dimebag” PRS) instantly became an identifiable fan-favorite at Alter Bridge shows around the world.

In 2013, PRS launched the Tremonti SE Custom, which would bring many of the latest and greatest features of the Dimebag PRS to the SE price point.  The Tremonti SE Custom offered the iconic single-cut look, with a floating trem (with up-routing), Tremonti SE pickups, a much thicker and heavier body with contoured flamed maple top in transparent gray/black charcoal, paired with an updated wide/thin neck, rosewood fingerboard, and even the iconic PRS bird inlays!  With all of these features packed into a guitar for around $700, the Tremonti SE Custom quickly broke records as one of the ultimate values of all time.

About THIS actual instrument / About the 2019 “SE Mark Tremonti”:

This is THE most popular instrument we have sold here at FRET12, and we pride ourselves in offering this amazing value in guitar as an experience you just won’t find anywhere else.  Shown here is the 2019 incarnation of this guitar, now called the “SE Mark Tremonti”, the latest in the Tremonti SE lineage, which offers all of the features mentioned above, along with some new features for 2019. These include an updated PRS “Signature” headstock logo, removable “Tremonti” trussrod cover, and revamped Tremonti “S” pickups which are even more versatile and offer both articulation and aggression to cover Mark’s growing tonal needs.