Live Gallery: Superjoint Ritual

Having just completed “Part 1” of the ‘Caught Up in the Gears’ US Tour, New Orleans’ short fused keg bomb known as Superjoint are always in continual motion. 

Enjoy this still gallery, taken on January 27th 2017 in Arlington Heights, Illinois as we discuss the band.

Their latest release is 2016’s ‘Caught Up in the Gears of Application’, which was released on Vocalist Philip Anselmo’s label, Housecore Records and picks up exactly where their sophomore release, ‘A Lethal Dose of American Hatred’ left off…despite the 13 year gap! 

Yes, you read that right, ‘Caught Up In The Gears…’ is the first new music from the band in over 13 years!

The band (featuring co-founder, guitarist Jimmy Bower and “classic” era member Kevin Bond) is rounded out by Stephen Taylor and Jose Gonzales and they capture the ballistic essence of Superjoint by balancing between Black Flag, Black Sabbath and Bathory.

Watch for “Part 2” of the ‘Caught Up In The Gears’ US Tour Soon.  

 Author: Tom Trakas

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