Weekly Riff with Mattrg470 / A FRET12 Pick From the Depths of YouTube



OG Youtuber. All around guitar shred extraordinaire Matt Macdonald (aka @mattrg470) shares his "Guitar covers/solos/instructional videos and such from my point of view" via his YouTube channel, straight outta the UK! Not gonna lie, he has a pretty epic selection of gear as well!

This week, we wanted to feature one of Eddie's solos. So, we rewound all the way back to the BEGINNING of YouTube, in all of its 240p-goodness. (Don't worry, the audio is epic.) Seriously, this is one of the best performances we've seen of this legendary solo.

And just in case you want to see @mattrg470 re-visit his awesome Eddie Van Halen solo cover in modern times, 14 years later, all with the very same backing track from 2006; check out this vid.

Want to watch more legendary riffs? Check our the Fret12 "The Sound and The Story" series.

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